I found my Space!!

Hello readers, Its Thursday funday and time for a new blog. Lots of thing happened since last one week and its officially the time to tell you all about it. Before that I hope you know the news that a fight is been going on between Russia and Ukraine and its has been given a name as a sign of World War lll

Let’s hope that both the nations settle their issues with peace and everything gets back to normal. Coming back to topic, so many of you know that I have been perusing my master’s degree and this blog is all about that!

I’m perusing my masters from Amity University many of you might have heard about it. It’s a private university which provides a huge number of professional courses under it. I’m perusing my master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

It has various franchises but I’m studying in my city only, can never leave Mumbai I guess! University is situated in outskirts of the city on huge acre of land but I must surely say the environment, the vibes and calmness is the thing that make this campus a worth studying.

Talking about my personal experience I have always been that girl who wanted to live away from home, on my own. I have never been away from home alone in the entire span of 22 years. I have always been accompanied with my parents, grandma and sometimes with my sibling.

I always dreamt of going out of house living alone, wanted to have that feeling what it feels like to be alone, managing everything on your own whether it cleaning your bed, washing your own clothes and handling the daily expanses which is an important one.

Little did I know and I believed my stars that after deciding to study further after my Bachelor’s degree I wanted to live alone. Never knew It will turn into reality one day.  The day I got the message that I have to shift to university for physical college I was on cloud 9, but as the day got near the tension arose and finally there comes a day when I shifted.

Away from home sitting in my room at my desk today writing this blog, I feel happy to say that after all those struggles, arguments and pleadings I have found my space. A space where all I can hear is silence, my heart is getting habitual to this peace and my eyes are capturing all the soothing views so that when this is over I can open the book of memories and remember this days.

This was my time readers, having fun reading the blog and let me know when and where did you found your little space  where you can sit for hours and hours.

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