Top 8 destinations to travel to celebrate womanhood!

Good evening, readers its time for a new blog and today’s topic is all about celebrating the womanhood and finding your happiness by travelling to various location where you can feel free and enjoy being you. By the way Happy belated Woman’s Day.

Woman a human being who is considered to be born with responsibilities and die with it. Woman are that pillar of society whose duty is to be available for her family and profession 24×7. Woman are the true watchguard of a family they known everything even when they are having their own time.

I would like to congratulate each and every woman reading this blog that you are strong and you are worthy enough to receive all happiness and joy in this world.

According to me, the greatest happiness in this world is travelling and that too travelling to those places where you can feel free, relax, explore the place and yourself.

Here are the top ten recommended places by me especially for woman who has deep urge to travel like me!


Entire state of Kerala is known for its natural beauty and huge landscapes. Kerala is one of the best go to state for the woman because of its homie vibes. Talking about any one location than the hill station of Munnar is worth visiting. Main reason to visit this place is its lush green tea valleys, pleasant climate and the food.


Hampi is the historical town situated in the state of Karnataka. If history admires you than this is best location for you to explore and enjoy the rich heritage of the state. City has been eye witness of various rulers and their kingdom; an UNESCO world heritage site can be the right place for you to celebrate your womanhood.


Another city in Karnataka which is known for its royalty and cultural vibes. Once home to the mighty Tipu Sultan and his father Hyder Ali, Mysore is unanimously hailed as the cultural capital of Karnataka.  Apart from the rich culture and loads of places to visit, women travelling to the city have another thing to look forward to — the best selection of Mysore silk sarees.


One of the holiest places in India, Varanasi is hugely popular with spiritual persons and also those who just want a glimpse into the rich Indian culture. At any time in the city, you will find loads of Indian as well as foreign women paying homage at temples, practising yoga or attending Satsang at an ashram. Whatever you do, do not miss the famous Ganga aarti and the flavourful Banarasi paan.


A truly royal place, Udaipur is one of the brightest gems in the treasure chest of Rajasthan. Being the capital of the erstwhile Mewar kingdom, tales of valour of the Sisodia Rajput’s are hummed by its every nook and corner, be it by the local folk’s attire or the many imperial structures.

I know its late to wish Woman’s Day and recommend such blog, but its not too late. So what are you waiting for all the lovely ladies plan your trip to this lovely destination today and do not forget to celebrate your womanhood.

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