A day in City of Dreams!

Hola Amigos, we are in 5th month of 2022 and I must say summer season of this year is somewhere getting on everyone’s nerves. At least it is getting on mine. Drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated and stay healthy. 

Today is Thursday and I’m back with a new interesting topic. This topic was recommended to me by one of my followers. She messaged me to write about it and I couldn’t say no. 

I have curated various blogs on Mumbai in some or the other way. I can’t help the city is so attractive, lovely and filled with stories that no matter how many stories I write about it, it’s still less. 

Today’s blog is a small informative blog about how one can spend his/her day in the City of Dreams, what he/she can do and how even a single day in such a huge city can turn to be a marvelous outing, so let’s get started. 

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra and is also known as the financial capital of the country. City is large and keeps being busy all time and most of the things to do in the city are not situated at one place but are distributed all over the city. Hence you need a well planned guide to spend a good time in the city in a single day.

Certains tips which you can opt while planning to travel city in a day

Tip 1: Take a guided day tour- 

 If you want to cover the entire city in a day then you can book a guided day tour. You can visit any travel agency, search online or even reach your hotel travel desk. They can help you with planning your day in a smooth and hassle free way. 

Tip 2: Book a Ola/ Uber

 Nowadays  whenever we mean taxi, it is either Ola, Uber and in very rare cases one books a private taxi. Book a taxi for the day and enjoy the roads, different sceneries and beautiful view of the city. Do not forget to check the traffic before leaving for your exploration. 

Tip 3:  Walk, Walk and Walk 

As a Mumbaikar I would suggest that the best way to explore the city is to become a localite for a day. Undertake a local, bus, metro journey and enjoy the beauty of the city on your feets. We are in the 21st century and thanks to technological development, all you need is your smart phone with google maps in it to explore this beautiful vintage city.

As the city is huge and in order to explore the proper city in and out you atleast need 2-3 days. Do not worry you can still see the city in one day with these locations that can give you a taste of what the City of Dreams looks like!

Visit Bollywood 

Mumbai is known as the City of Dreams for a reason. It’s the city which has given birth to cinema, the Bollywood. Lakhs of young artists come to the city everyday with a dream to make their fame, in order to explore the fame side of the city, undertake a visit to Goregaon film city. A place where you can witness live shooting and sets of famous tv shows and for instance even some movies or web series.

Embrace cold breeze at Marine Drive

Marine Drive or Queen’s Necklace is the most visited spot in the city. There is a saying about this place that if you haven’t visited Marine Drive you haven’t visited Mumbai. A long stretch combined with a road gives the most beautiful view of the city.

Offer the bedsheet of flower petals at Haji Ali 

One of the oldest dargahs in the city is Haji Ali. Surrounded by water on three side Haji Ali is considered to be one of the most sacred sites in the city. Offer your praying along with a bedsheet of flower petals and feel divine. 

Get lost in the streets of Crawford Market 

If you want to feel the crowd vibes and voices of a typical street market, Crawford market is a right option for you. Visit this multiple street market which is called as one stop for everything. You can find everything right from crockery, makeup, accessories, clothes to footwear you name it and you will find it here!

Amaze yourself with Gothic British Architecture at Gateway of India

Mumbai is a city near the sea and the entry point to the city through the sea is the Gateway of India. Built by a British Officer in the 20th century, this gothic architecture is considered to be the symbol of the city.  Enjoy the cold breeze of air along with the view of the beautiful sea in front and the great Taj Mahal Palace hotel behind which is known for its five star service and hospitality. 

Give your stomach a delicious treat at Bade miya Restaurant

After visiting and exploring the city it’s time to fill your stomach with some delicious food. Head to the ancient and still famous restaurant just behind The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Remember that the hotel is famous for its food and not ambience so be ready to stand and eat your food. Mutton shawarma and Keema Pav is a must try here.

Mesmerize yourself with night lights at CSMT Station

End your day with the scenic view of this station. An UNESCO World Heritage Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Station is the oldest and biggest railway station. It has more than 65 stations and witnesses more than 10,0000 lakhs of travelers everyday. Indeed, the station is the true heritage for the city. Embrace the lighting of the station and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.

This was a short and simple guide for your new exploration. Let me know your thoughts about it and have fun reading the blog.

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