7 Fun Facts about Christmas that you need to know!

It’s the time and month of the year to once again sing the Carols, be in our best red outfits and share happiness with everyone around us! Yes, we are in the last month of 2022 & Christmas is just 12 days away there are various fun facts about Christmas that are still hidden.  ChristmasContinue reading “7 Fun Facts about Christmas that you need to know!”

It’s Christmas Eve!

Hola readers, it’s Thursday just one day more for my vacation. Honestly, I have been waiting for this since a long time, my entire day goes into online college, hectic lectures and it end with a tired brain. Never mind, it’s a hustle of hardworking days before good days. It’s a Christmas evening tomorrow, theContinue reading “It’s Christmas Eve!”

Rituals and Tradition that makes Christmas more beautiful….

Every festival has its own traditions and rituals which makes the occasion more auspicious and beautiful. This tradition and rituals are under practice for a very long time and what we can see today is that the meaning or the belief for the tradition are same but they are practice in various different and funContinue reading “Rituals and Tradition that makes Christmas more beautiful….”

A week before Christmas

Good evening fellas, it’s bright cozy and cold Thursday evening. We are just two weeks away from the end of 2021, timing is passing away just like an atom bomb and all we can do is utilize the time to its maximum and cherish every little moment. Coming back to the blog, today’s topic isContinue reading “A week before Christmas”

The Snowy Mountains & The Blue Sky.

The last day of 2k18 and my last post for the year. The year went so fast, isn’t? there were many good memories as well as bad too. You know what is my best memory of this year is, it is that exactly one year from today I started writing. Yes it’s been one-year IContinue reading “The Snowy Mountains & The Blue Sky.”