Travel hurts.

You must have heard that people’s words hurt make you feel down ,weakens your confidence but we move on somehow. Have you ever heard that travel too hurts.. yes travel hurts,it hurts in a healthy sense ,travel will hurt you but it will also  console you.People often get hurt because of breakups ,family pressure, fightings with close one & much more
   Hurting of travel is like teaching you in life how to overcome defeats, move ahead in life, forgot past travel can hurt a person but it can never leave .You know when you you are upset,feeling low &their is no one to listen,that time you must travel because travelling at that time  will make you feel light ,calm while travelling  you start talking to yourself  &talking to oneself is best the best way to come back in normal mode
        “Travelling doesn’t always gives you happiness sometimes it may hurt you make you feel alone ,but after a point of time  it will bring smile on your face ,by making you remember the memories you gathered.”


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Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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