A Letter To Zindagi.

Dear Zindagi,
It’s has been 18 years I m living you, these 18  years have been like a roller coaster ride. I know we every day have fights, you introduce me to new people, new things to be frank sometimes I really love them but sometimes I hate them a lot yes I do hate but still, I will never ever leave you. I have got you very luckily and quitting you is like doing the biggest mistake of my life. We have created lots of good, bad as well as stupid memories together, you are only the one after mom and dad and my best friend who is with me you know very well my behaviour, my happiness, what all stuff I do when I m lonely, alone, you might be knowing my favourite pastime  is to walk with you, have words with you, you are only the one who makes my mood swings quickly. You already know I m a coward, dumb type girl but you still introduce me to such people who make my fun because of such things all these things really hurt me and force me to get angry on you. But  now seriously all things apart  these 18 years with you have given me  lots of experiences, memories, I have learnt a lot and I know u are never going to leave me this is a just short span of our relationships there are lot more things going to come in our way and we have to do it together I need your support all the time and please do never hate me and especially never leave me. I know there is always a misbalance between us sometimes you trouble me and sometimes I  too but our relationship is purest, craziest, happiest thing ever happen to me. I don’t want to have breakup from this relationship ever as you know I had a number of breakups in these 18 years, I can’t bear one more breakup. I think this is enough for today’s talk…….and ya one more thing dear zindagi I love you so much.
                                                                                                                Everytime Partner.

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