Wherever You Go It Becomes A Part Of You Somehow.

We, human’s are always in search of another human who listens to us, advice us, praise us on our victory, become happy in our happiness. Basically, this person is the one who we use to hate or we never knew about him/her and suddenly one day this person comes in front of us and doContinue reading “Wherever You Go It Becomes A Part Of You Somehow.”

There Are Many Demotivators, But There Is Always One To Motivate.

‘Motivation’ the word itself sounds something positive. Does this word matter’s in your life, does it really means to you? for me it does, I wake up every day in the morning to find that one motivation who helps me to survive throughout my day positively. In my life motivation, demotivation, positive, negative vibes matterContinue reading “There Are Many Demotivators, But There Is Always One To Motivate.”

A Never Ending Journey.

Journey a period of a time when a person enjoys each and every moment he or she lives. A journey is everything it’s a part of our day to day life. We do journey’s for work, for school, and even sometimes for pleasure too. If travel is a  subject, a journey is its lesson whichContinue reading “A Never Ending Journey.”

Travel -An Healthiest Addiction.

Addiction, a word an emotion. You would have heard about the addiction to alcohol. smoking, drugs, addiction towards someone special. Is addiction easy to get over, what you think? It might or might not be But addiction of travel is very difficult to get rid off actually it is impossible because this addiction changes yourContinue reading “Travel -An Healthiest Addiction.”

A Letter To Zindagi.

Dear Zindagi, It’s has been 18 years I m living you, these 18  years have been like a roller coaster ride. I know we every day have fights, you introduce me to new people, new things to be frank sometimes I really love them but sometimes I hate them a lot yes I do hateContinue reading “A Letter To Zindagi.”

Travel hurts.

You must have heard that people’s words hurt make you feel down ,weakens your confidence but we move on somehow. Have you ever heard that travel too hurts.. yes travel hurts,it hurts in a healthy sense ,travel will hurt you but it will also  console you.People often get hurt because of breakups ,family pressure, fightingsContinue reading “Travel hurts.”