Train aur Pakode (Fritters)!

Good Afternoon, Lovelies happy Thursday hope you all doing well. I’m back with a very fun, interesting, loving and thoughtful blog today. Before that some quick facts or should I say some news which happened in my life in last 2-3 days. First of all Happy Off season rain to all my readers who areContinue reading “Train aur Pakode (Fritters)!”

Travel Will Never Let You Forget.

Travel the only thing which will never let you forget memories, the stuff,  the people you met. This is the biggest power of travel that wherever you go wherever you live, travel will never let you forget. Travelling is meant for each and every person who is just living to make memories which he canContinue reading “Travel Will Never Let You Forget.”

A Letter To Zindagi.

Dear Zindagi, It’s has been 18 years I m living you, these 18  years have been like a roller coaster ride. I know we every day have fights, you introduce me to new people, new things to be frank sometimes I really love them but sometimes I hate them a lot yes I do hateContinue reading “A Letter To Zindagi.”