There Are Many Demotivators, But There Is Always One To Motivate.

‘Motivation’ the word itself sounds something positive. Does this word matter’s in your life, does it really means to you? for me it does, I wake up every day in the morning to find that one motivation who helps me to survive throughout my day positively. In my life motivation, demotivation, positive, negative vibes matterContinue reading “There Are Many Demotivators, But There Is Always One To Motivate.”

Getting Hurt Teaches You lot in life.

Hurt what is the very first thing comes in your mind, after listening to this word? sad, upset, tears, depressed are the words that help one to describe their way of getting hurt. What effects does hurting have on our lives?  that we suddenly see lots of changes in our behaviour, we start thinking more,Continue reading “Getting Hurt Teaches You lot in life.”