There Are Many Demotivators, But There Is Always One To Motivate.

‘Motivation’ the word itself sounds something positive. Does this word matter’s in your life, does it really means to you? for me it does, I wake up every day in the morning to find that one motivation who helps me to survive throughout my day positively. In my life motivation, demotivation, positive, negative vibes matter a lot because I am kind of girl who can get demotivate easily and trust me there sometimes when I really feel that yes I am getting demotivate and I have to motivate myself anyhow. This the biggest reason why my every day is new I try to make my day cheerful and exciting by keep finding reasons to motivate myself. But as you know every day can’t be yours so many time I end up my day with stress demotivation, frustration and whenever I go through all this stuff I just do two things to come back to normal mode and those are writing (the one which I am doing now) and second is go for a walk and spend sometime with myself and talk to myself.
                                         Now I  may sound bit philosophical but this is a true thing. In this world, there are lakhs and lakhs of people around you who are ready to demotivate, make you feel depressed you. It’s upon you now how you tackle them you can listen to them and get demotivate or just ignore them and focus on your thing. Because these are one who will pat you back at the time of your success and will talk shit at the time of your defeat.
                               I will talk about my experiences in this eighteen years of my life I have got numbers and numbers of demotivators and many time I have got demotivated too. But slowly -slowly I realise that no this can’t be me I can’t let my life get spoil through my hands. And today whatever I am


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