Excitement Of Travel!!

             Travel the word itself describes the feeling of excitement. The excitement of packing for a trip, shopping for it, seeing different views, getting yourself immersed in the changing weather thinking about all these things are just mesmerizing. I get excited about things quickly, it likes excitement is the key factor which brings happiness to my life. And if the excitement is about my favourite thing than how can I be calm!! Travel really has the power to bring the real excitement, the real happiness in your life.
                     Whenever it’s about travel I’m the first person in the house to get overjoyed. I start to think, prepare, plan my activities one month before of my trip. Sometimes my guardians do say our daughter is insane but it doesn’t matter to me really. I found happiness in these things. Rather than eating food, watching movies or series, hanging out with loved ones I find the real joy by planning for trips. Generally, I see people start packing for their trip but one day prior, but in my case, I start it one week before. I keep wondering about the weather, culture, food, views about my destination and I just wait to get time pass by quickly so that I can actually see each and every view through the camera of my eyes and store it in the memory of my heart.
                    “Travel can really bring the feeling of excitement in your life, which no other thing can!!”

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Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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