The Snowy Mountains & The Blue Sky.

The last day of 2k18 and my last post for the year. The year went so fast, isn’t? there were many good memories as well as bad too. You know what is my best memory of this year is, it is that exactly one year from today I started writing. Yes it’s been one-year I am blogging sharing my words with you people and you guys have really supported me a lot your comments your views on my post has motivated me to keep blogging. So thank you very much !!
                         Generally, people travel during the new year period around 30th or 31st. But as you know I am a bit extraordinary person I went on my Christmas vacation and now being at my home in my room writing this blog for you, sharing my beautiful experience. My vacation was really fabulous I explore the state of Jammu & Kashmir (the heaven of India).  I actually got the feeling of being at top of the world, I was really at a great height. It was like I was able to see the whole city of ‘Panitop’ from the top. Gazing around the boundary of my hotel, I suddenly saw a view from the corridor of the hotel and for about 2 sec I was just numb. That view really hypnotized me towards itself.
                                I can still remember I wasn’t able to remove my eyes from that beautiful piece of nature. The view was like there were huge mountains with snow on there peaks and clouds giving them shade from above. There is no fun in describing that view through words. All I can say is after seeing it for a few minutes I felt like I have achieved something really big.
                                       I saw the real snow in my life for the very first time. That snow covered peaks touching the blue sky was such a mesmerizing thing to be seen. After seeing this I really felt that nature is so beautiful beyond my description of beautiful nature too!! I can never forget the moments of this trip as it was my first exposure to the white snow. My whole description for this view is just WOW.


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