Wherever You Go It Becomes A Part Of You Somehow.

We, human’s are always in search of another human who listens to us, advice us, praise us on our victory, become happy in our happiness. Basically, this person is the one who we use to hate or we never knew about him/her and suddenly one day this person comes in front of us and do something which brings smile on our face and then our whole perspective for that human gets changed. We start to observe good thing in the same person in whom we used to see negative things once. All I want to say is he/she becomes the part our life, our own self and it not only changes our life, but it changes us too.
                                            Isn’t it surprising how having words with the person we are disappointed with calms down our mind and if we don’t talk it just keep creating a cloud of a mess in our mind and when it gets filled with anger it gets bursts. And then there is sadness, depression everywhere. You might be thinking her talking point is different and she is talking different, don’t you? But people the theme of my talk is linked with what I am talking.
                                               Let’s me explain you this way you join to a new place of work, you don’t anyone everyone seems  to be part of place since past but you are new to it, you start feeling lonely and then one suddenly one person appears in front of you, introduce himself/herself and ask you about you and then you start to feel light. Slowly this person becomes part of your life, part of you, you find yourself comfortable with him/ her and nobody else. But then instantly your department gets the change you need to again find that one person who is of your comfort level. But let me tell you one thing no matter wherever you go this person of your comfort level always remain part of you no matter what happens! you remember this person in your happiness, in your sad moments though you are not in strong touch with him/her you still miss him/her.
                                             Same goes with travelling, you only tell now if a traveller gets attached to one place how he/she will be able to move ahead, explore new places he/she won’t be able to do so, life will become difficult for him/her. So in order to get retain he/she capture the moments, the conversation he/she had with the faces of that particular place and stores a part of good memories of it in their heart. This how the life of a traveller is henceforth it is said that the entire world is the home of traveller. I love this quality of a traveller that wherever he/she goes whatever he/she does, see all these things becomes the part of it and make him/her a better person than earlier. I am learning to inculcate one such value in myself hope I inculcate it soon!!!

Person Standing on Top of Rock


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