Streets Of Jammu.

Streets are the heart of the city, each city becomes beautiful just because of its streets. If you want to know the history, culture if you want to get into the science of city just visit its streets and you will get the answers to all your question. People spend their whole life on the streets, they share memories, the celebration of festivals, each other’s happiness, crisis. Best eg to see unity on streets is that whenever there is a wedding in one house of the street all the houses of streets participate its like there is a wedding in all houses of the street. Street teaches you a lot in life, it teaches you to adjust, teaches you to be happy with what you have, finding happiness in others happiness. Being Mumbaikar living in this massive city I have learned this thing very thoroughly that if you want to be happy you need to learn to adjust.  Surviving in this city is not everyone’s cup of tea. You might be thinking my caption is different and I am talking about something else. Yes lets first talk about own city and then other’s … you know.
              My memories of my trip aren’t over yet and it won’t unless and until I won’t share each of it with my people.  Jammu city, the city where your journey begins with food and ends with food.  You won’t trust me I was for almost two night in that city and my 48 hours just went in eating and shopping. Jammu city doesn’t have many malls as such that of Mumbai.  Means If you want to gaze around you have only one option and i.e streets. In streets of Jammu, there are lanes inside lane, in one lane you see typical oily streets are being prepared, ‘Aloo Ki Tikki’, ‘Paneer Ke Pakode’ yummy these names still bring water in my mouth. Then in one lane, I saw there is a wholesale market for clothes shoes.  In these lanes, I observed one more thing, people, the vendors of the shop they are so united by each other  I mean if one vendor is ordering something for himself to eat he will order for everyone in that street, its like he was  ordering for his whole family, I  really saw this scene and I was like wow what a unification!!! I have seen this scene in Mumbai also but I have seen person ordering tea for other’s but this man literally orders lunch for the vendors of his whole street.
                      Seriously street is everything of a city, there is something very allure about it visiting it can really make you feel good. My wanderlust for travel my blaze or my urge towards travel is just for this one reason I really want a picture of each and every street of the world. Streets are the geography of the cities and really I want to be part of each chapter of this geography.


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