Enough Of Being Fake, It’s Time To Be Real !

Fake, Real these are just two opposites in the world but they have a deep meaning too. Nowadays  our life is based on these two concepts we see or hear people saying fake smile, fake bond, fake talk  and what not, but tell me one thing have you heard  anyone speaking about  real smile realContinue reading “Enough Of Being Fake, It’s Time To Be Real !”

Streets Of Jammu.

Streets are the heart of the city, each city becomes beautiful just because of its streets. If you want to know the history, culture if you want to get into the science of city just visit its streets and you will get the answers to all your question. People spend their whole life on theContinue reading “Streets Of Jammu.”

Snow And Snow Everywhere.

                    Snow, the white snow, the beautiful snow here and there. You might be thinking why am I speaking snow again and again. Actually, the reason is the hangover of my trip to the state of heaven is not over yet! on this whole trip, IContinue reading “Snow And Snow Everywhere.”

The Snowy Mountains & The Blue Sky.

The last day of 2k18 and my last post for the year. The year went so fast, isn’t? there were many good memories as well as bad too. You know what is my best memory of this year is, it is that exactly one year from today I started writing. Yes it’s been one-year IContinue reading “The Snowy Mountains & The Blue Sky.”

There Are Many Demotivators, But There Is Always One To Motivate.

‘Motivation’ the word itself sounds something positive. Does this word matter’s in your life, does it really means to you? for me it does, I wake up every day in the morning to find that one motivation who helps me to survive throughout my day positively. In my life motivation, demotivation, positive, negative vibes matterContinue reading “There Are Many Demotivators, But There Is Always One To Motivate.”