Reasons To Fall In Love…..

 Happy Monsoon people it’s raining in the city of Mumbai, the weather is becoming cold day by day and green nature is attracting us towards it. Somewhere there is soreness in the city because of heavy rain straining the citizens due to waterlogging, while some are enjoying the rains by going on treks and some getting attracted, falling in love in this so-called season of love. Love what is it? what comes to your mind first when you hear this word? in my mind, the first thing which pops up is a bond where two human falls for each other so deep that they somewhere sacrifice their self-respect. Do not worry m not against love I have also fallen in love gone beyond my limits to make my partner happy but somewhere I fall short, somewhere I gave up too quickly on my relationship but it’s ok never mind. People go and come, the one who remains constant is just your close ones.

Man in Black Long-sleeved Shirt and Woman in Black Dress                                            Why do we fall in love? what happens when we fall for it? have you ever got the answers to these question, if yes please do tell me know because I haven’t got the answers for it, actually I never thought about the answers. We do everything for a reason and so it is quite seemingly that we fall in love for a reason, according to the present day if there is no reason there is no love. Seriously you require reasons to fall in love! cannot you just fall for someone without the reason. Like I love her/ love him but I do not know the reason and I do not even want to search it, have you ever tried this way to fall in love if no please do try to because falling for someone just because she/he has beautiful eyes, looks, ”so-called good figure”, then it  is not a love it an attraction and we are human and it is the natural  quality gives to us by almighty. We human get attracted so quickly not just to humans but other living and non-living things too! my point is ‘Attraction Is Not Love’ first understand this concept, please.
                          Let’s say a girl and boy get attracted towards each other and they call it to love after a week or two they recognize that it was a fake love and then comes the chapter of break up, then depression, and last but not least is the feeling of being alone. And this cycle goes on and on. Guys love is not a game please do not play with each other feeling before love first become good friends of each other and then go to the next step. I have done this mistake and I have regretted a lot, you guys do not the same thing. If you want to fall in love fall without reasons, expectations and most important commitments and then see how love makes your life beautiful and happy and then say this proverb of ‘Love is in the air’.


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