Snow And Snow Everywhere.


Snow, the white snow, the beautiful snow here and there. You might be thinking why am I speaking snow again and again. Actually, the reason is the hangover of my trip to the state of heaven is not over yet! on this whole trip, I experienced some of the mesmerizing phenomena, which I guess I can’t forget ever. That one week make me realise that yes I dd not did anything wrong by deciding that yes I want to make my life in this world of wanderlust. I literally thank god for making me realise that yes travelling is for me.
                    My first snow of life, I saw the real snow for the very first time in my life everywhere I could see was just white beauty outside my lodge, on the road, on the mountain. The view was so amazing that it somewhere hypnotise me towards itself. I could still remember there were lot’s of activities going in the snow region, there was a photoshoot in the traditional Kashmiri dress, some people were enjoying the fun of sledging, some were having the fun of throwing snowballs at each other while some in selfies. I was involved in all the things I mentioned above. It was really great fun in doing such stuff’s.  You know the funniest moment among all this was I tried zip-lining and I was so scared that I was yelling so much, I did that activity for the first time and people younger than me was enjoying. I was like I am such a coward girl, but still did it and after finishing it I was so happy as if I achieved something really big, it was big for me though!
                                                 But you know the best part of my very first experience in the snow was the food i.e ‘Maggi’ umm it was really yummy and enjoying the imbibe of coffee it was like chilled hands a hot cup of coffee the perfect combo. To be frank coffee is my favourite drink I could choose it over anything in the world. The snow, the winter wind made our body temperature so chilled that I could see the smoke coming from my mouth. And you know what was the best thing my bro, mom dad and me we all are competing with each other that from whose mouth smoke comes more, god it was really so much fun. I miss those days, I miss who I was in those days, wish days could come back again. But can’t help this what  I hate about travel we can’t go back, can’t live the moment which we did in past. But no worries I have a bunch of memories with which I will survive and remember those days again and again.


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