Train aur Pakode (Fritters)!

Good Afternoon, Lovelies happy Thursday hope you all doing well. I’m back with a very fun, interesting, loving and thoughtful blog today. Before that some quick facts or should I say some news which happened in my life in last 2-3 days. First of all Happy Off season rain to all my readers who are from the coastal line of the country i.e. a stretch from Kerala to Gujarat and being from Maharashtra I’m a resident of this coastline too. You all knew what am I talking about, those who all unaware there was a Tautake cyclone calamity which hit us very hard and caused a distraction in such a way that it took away WiFi, Electricity and water from us. I was feeling like I’m living in the jungle, many of you might have seen my Instagram stories too. Those were bad days but everything is fine now and back to normal. Getting back to today’s topic let us get started.

Train I used to board in my childhood while going nani’s place

The train journey, a train travelling my most favorite mode of travelling ever, whether its locals or whether its express trains they have always been my favorite. How many of you love train travelling I guess I will never end talking about this. Those view from windows, those giggles and chattering of people in the compartment can’t explain that feeling. Whenever you travel by train there is a different level of excitement, happiness eagerness to board the train and you know what the best part is you are the first one to board the train i.e. you board the train from the very first station. Whenever I travel by train I mostly get the opportunity to board from the first station. You know there is also one thing which I don’t like when travelling and that is getting down at every station. I have seen people have a habit of getting down at every station reason is nothing but just to enjoy the ambiance of the station. The same things happen in my home my mum, dad and brother enjoy this habit they all are like there is no fun in travelling if you don’t get down at every station. I’m the opposite of this habit, I never get down from train unless and until it’s my destination to get down. People say you are boring, you are a coward and I’m like whatever you say I’m against this. I don’t know why I’m not comfortable with this habit whether it’s anxiety, it’s fear whatever it is I just don’t like to get down. I believe I can enjoy my journey more freely while being on the train.

The Non AC Compartments

Coming to the second-best thing about trains it’s food and especially home-cooked food. I still remember very doubtlessly in my childhood that whenever we used to travel by train mum and grandma used to prepare home-cooked food for the journey. Now things have changed everything is easily available. But in those days there was a time when people used to travel through sleeper class (non-ac compartments) I have travelled through those. And if you travelling through sleeper class you need to carry everything right from food, water, to your entire bed. In my childhood, me and mom used to share the same berth and she used to take care of everything whether it’s making a bed on the berth or preparing a plate for lunch or dinner. By the way, we used to carry our paper plate, spoons and glasses too. Those were the days and my favourite about all of this was the food which most of the time include pakode (Fritters) a snack which includes fritters of different things fritters of cauliflowers, potato, onion, capsicum, chillies and what not.

My Favorite pakode (Fritters)

In my house whenever we used to travel by train there are only two prominent dishes which used to get prepared most of the times 1- Pakode (Fritters) & Puri Aloo ( Indian fried bread with potatoes) both of dishes have their specialities and both dishes fits so perfectly during journey just got watery mouth!!!!! But my favourite is pakode (Fritters).

Puri Aloo (Indian Fried bread with Potatoes)

Both pakodes (Fritters) and train journey are the most memorable loving and amazing memory of my childhood. Things have changed now we travel by flight sometimes by train. Things have changed now while travelling train too now we travel by AC compartment or I should say fully AC train where you get everything food, water sometimes Wifi too.

Except for those beautiful views, everything has changed now, but still, anytime I will prefer to train above flights. Now we rarely prepare food while travelling by train, I miss those days very much but never mind one day I will travel once again on my own by train with my favourite pakodes (Fritters).

Have you ever travel by train? if yes what is your favourite memory? let me know in the comments what you love about train the most?

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12 thoughts on “Train aur Pakode (Fritters)!

  1. Reminded me of my last Amritsar trip πŸ₯Ίβ€οΈ Waiting when we will be able to travel somewhere . And yes i am that person ,no matter what i will always prefer travelling through train over any other means of transport .
    And thankyou for giving the pakora cravings . Haha (:


    1. Reminds me of my childhood journey to my Nani’s place. Can’t wait to travel through train again❀❀πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί


  2. Superb topic,superb narration.Yes trains have been life line.I boarded meter-gauge train durin my childhood and there used to be special trains to meet less crowed periods called “Addha” a train with six bogies .(I think it was only on meter gauge.There is other variety narrow gauge ,and yes i made it a point to board that too.
    Somewhere in 1988 i did a long long journey by train through a “circular ticket” along with my family to touch all important tourist places from South India.
    Doordarshan brought a beautiful serial in 1985-86 period,worthwatching by all railaway journey lovers today also.Its Name was “Yatra”.Om Puri was in lead role and it gave many interesting views of Life moving around Indian Railways.
    So now I wait eagrly for next blog. Dont know what is there in treasure for we blog readers.


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