A week before Christmas

Good evening fellas, it’s bright cozy and cold Thursday evening. We are just two weeks away from the end of 2021, timing is passing away just like an atom bomb and all we can do is utilize the time to its maximum and cherish every little moment. Coming back to the blog, today’s topic is about the excitement, preparations and period of waiting for the last festival of year the Christmas!

Christmas is an important festival of the Christian community, it’s the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ. A religious leader and important personality in the Christian Community, other than visiting Church and praying on his birthday Christmas is lot much more than that.

The true preparations for Christmas begin around 1 or 2 months before the actual day. Whether it’s Christmas tree, food, sweets, drinks or shopping every task which goes under preparing for Christmas is beautiful, with a little bit of chaos but at the end more of a joy.

If I say what does this festival means to me then I would like to say it is about gifts, Santa, Chocolates, the Christmas cake my favourite (craving for it currently) and a week long vacation. I have completed my schooling from a Convent school where everyone followed the ritual of Christianity inside the school premises even me.

My school is spread on huge land and it is situated inside the rural region. After entering my school one can see lots of Jesus Christ and Mother marry statues standing at different places. There is a chapel in my school too and I used to visit it often, it used to give me good vibes and always used to be filled with positive energy.

My attachment and liking for Christmas grew since my school days. There used to be a huge Christmas party every year, school used to get decorated with balloons, stars, Christmas tree, a small hut prepared with hay which used to include miniature idol that depicts the birth story of the lord and lots of lightings made the place a perfect land of Christmas celebration.

As far as I have observed and learned about the culture and tradition of Christmas, a week before the festival is all about bucking up on last few things which need to be completed. People who celebrate Christmas might relate to me as the preparation begins from cleaning home, making homemade snacks and sweets just as we all do during Diwali.

Apart from making and cleaning, the preparation also includes buying new clothes for everyone in the family, decorating the house just as we do on Diwali. Basically, Christmas is the Diwali in the month of December.

It’s just a week to go for Christmas and I hope this blog acts as a checklist for all my readers who celebrates Christmas with great pomp and show!!!

Also, more blogs are on the way for Christmas and I will see you soon with another exciting blog.

Have fun reading the blog and Christmas eve is coming!

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