Rituals and Tradition that makes Christmas more beautiful….

Every festival has its own traditions and rituals which makes the occasion more auspicious and beautiful. This tradition and rituals are under practice for a very long time and what we can see today is that the meaning or the belief for the tradition are same but they are practice in various different and fun way.

Christmas the festival of the birthday of Lord Jesus is a beautiful occasion that occurs in December. Like wisely, Christmas is also an occasion of various traditions and cultures and is celebrated with love and enthusiasm. The belief and reason to practice such traditions are much more exciting.

Here is a list of certain rituals and traditions which makes Christmas more beautiful!

Red, Gold, Green!

The festival of Christmas revolves around these three colours. As each colour has its own importance and they signify the true tradition of the occasion. Red colour symbolizes the blood of lord Christ, Gold depicts the gifts from one of the three kings and Green is known for everlasting love. Red, Gold and Green are the colours which you could find in most of the decoration’s materials of Christmas.


The actual meaning of word Carols is to sing and dance in times of joy. In ancient times carols used to be written and sung in all four seasons, however, only carols of Christmas have survived until yet. Every year on the evening of 24th December people gather in Church, come together and sing carols which fills the environment with love, spirituality and positive vibes.

Post Cards

Post Cards are considered to be one of the oldest forms of communication during the time of festivals. The tradition of sending festive postcards to one’s families and friends has been passed on for ages. Similarly, nothing has been changed even today, this tradition is been carried on and there are more upgrades. Today many people send digital postcards too instead of physical, but according to me, true feelings can be delivered more precisely with physical one.

Stockings/ Socks

The story of hanging stockings or socks comes from the legend Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas was a kind hearted person and once in order to help three poor sisters he gave gold coins to them and drop them down through the chimney. The coins fell into socks which were hung on the chimney to dry. Today it has become a tradition to hang socks or stockings outside the door of the house, window or on the chimney so that Saint can offer gifts, small toys, candies or coins when he arrives.

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Santa Claus

The true name of Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas and he is known as the father of Christmas. It is believed that he lives in North Pole with his wife and spend the entire year making gifts for the children with the help of his elves. A night before Christmas is known to be as a night for Santa Claus when he leaves the home on his wooden sleigh with 8 reindeers pulling through the way to visit the house of children to offer them gifts and candies.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree holds different meanings for different cultures. In Christianity, Christmas tree is a symbol of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The tree’s branches and shrubs are symbolized as the sign of immortality and is said to be as crown of thorn worn by the lord on the cross. The decorative materials on the tree are meant to be as symbol of love, happiness and joy of the day.

Plum Cake 

The tradition of plum cake dates back to the golden era of England where a tradition of observing a fast or self-denial leading to Christmas was followed. According to the custom of the festival, a porridge was supposed to be prepared on the eve of Christmas containing dry fruits, oats, spice, honey and sometimes meat which is called Plum cake or the Grand Father of Christmas.

These are the unique and most important traditions and rituals of Christmas as per my consideration and research. 

Hope you like the blog and on this Christmas do try to follow the above traditions which are beautiful in their own way!

Till then have a good day and it’s just 5 days for Christmas….

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