It’s good to Pause…

  Happy monsoon, or should I still greet by happy quarantine! But quarantine is almost over now, things have started to come back to normal but cases are not. Though lockdown is over the number are increasing every day. We are trying to adopt a new normal of our lives- mask, sanitizer social distancing andContinue reading “It’s good to Pause…”

Travel attach people.

Attachment getting closed or getting habitual to a person, thing or a feeling. Attachment what is it? how does it feel? what happens when it gets over?  my perspective about this is little different, I am ok with attachment but getting over attached has somewhere always been unlucky for me, I am a person whoContinue reading “Travel attach people.”

There Is Always Something New!!!

  We always want to go to a new destination to visit new regions, why not visit the old one with a new view? have you thought about it. Let me clear my fact you always keep visiting one particular place yearly, twice a year or in holidays any guess what am I talking about!Continue reading “There Is Always Something New!!!”

A World Of Travel Where You Find The Real You.

Hello, my lovely readers hoping that you are having a good and healthy life I am here back with a bunch of more interesting content for you all. I  am sorry for not posting since all longtime, was busy in my own stuff but I am back to my routine again. Hope you all appreciateContinue reading “A World Of Travel Where You Find The Real You.”

Wherever You Go It Becomes A Part Of You Somehow.

We, human’s are always in search of another human who listens to us, advice us, praise us on our victory, become happy in our happiness. Basically, this person is the one who we use to hate or we never knew about him/her and suddenly one day this person comes in front of us and doContinue reading “Wherever You Go It Becomes A Part Of You Somehow.”

Snow And Snow Everywhere.

                    Snow, the white snow, the beautiful snow here and there. You might be thinking why am I speaking snow again and again. Actually, the reason is the hangover of my trip to the state of heaven is not over yet! on this whole trip, IContinue reading “Snow And Snow Everywhere.”

Excitement Of Travel!!

             Travel the word itself describes the feeling of excitement. The excitement of packing for a trip, shopping for it, seeing different views, getting yourself immersed in the changing weather thinking about all these things are just mesmerizing. I get excited about things quickly, it likes excitement is the keyContinue reading “Excitement Of Travel!!”