Rumours Can’t Make You Travel.

Travel is all about moving from one place to another. Travel is never meant to be in one place. Travel the word itself says that keep moving. If you think sitting in one place,  just watching images of places, cities, beaches, mountain by sitting at your home you will be able to get experiences thenContinue reading “Rumours Can’t Make You Travel.”

Travel Is All About Living The Present Moment.

                                            The present moment, at present, living the present phase of life, living today. What are these phrases and what do they mean to us? all these mean just one thing i.e to liveContinue reading “Travel Is All About Living The Present Moment.”

In Love with Travel.

Love, the most common word used in our day-to-day life. Every day, every second someone anywhere in the world confesses his or her feeling of love, why we need love what is so special about it, that once we fell in love the world around us turn to be insane or I should say invisible!Continue reading “In Love with Travel.”

Travel Will Never Let You Forget.

Travel the only thing which will never let you forget memories, the stuff,  the people you met. This is the biggest power of travel that wherever you go wherever you live, travel will never let you forget. Travelling is meant for each and every person who is just living to make memories which he canContinue reading “Travel Will Never Let You Forget.”

Why I Became Writer ?

A writer who is he? a person who expresses his feelings through words. Nowadays becoming a writer is not hard, in fact, today if somebody writes one line or quote and if other’s appreciate it he is called as ‘Writer’. How to become a writer? generally, every writer has a story which he hides keepsContinue reading “Why I Became Writer ?”

Travel-The Best Teacher.

Teacher a human being after our guardians who guide us for different things, competitions which we are going to face in our life, whereas some are facing it now. What’s the main motive of teachers? just mould life of students, prepare them for there tougher situations in life that’s it? I really don’t think soContinue reading “Travel-The Best Teacher.”

Travel -An Healthiest Addiction.

Addiction, a word an emotion. You would have heard about the addiction to alcohol. smoking, drugs, addiction towards someone special. Is addiction easy to get over, what you think? It might or might not be But addiction of travel is very difficult to get rid off actually it is impossible because this addiction changes yourContinue reading “Travel -An Healthiest Addiction.”

Travel With Traveller’s Heart & Not Tourist .

A traveller who is he? for some he is a mad person, for some, he is a person who just lives to waste time, but for some, he is the biggest inspiration that inspiration which motivates them to live their life like him, travel like him. Fortunately, I am a traveller inspired girl. You mightContinue reading “Travel With Traveller’s Heart & Not Tourist .”

Travel hurts.

You must have heard that people’s words hurt make you feel down ,weakens your confidence but we move on somehow. Have you ever heard that travel too hurts.. yes travel hurts,it hurts in a healthy sense ,travel will hurt you but it will also  console you.People often get hurt because of breakups ,family pressure, fightingsContinue reading “Travel hurts.”