Top 6 beach destinations in India…

Beaches are one of the most beautiful and calming creations by Mother Nature ever. Imagine yourself standing at a place alone,you can hear the chirping of birds,feeling of cold waves touching your skin and feet is amazing isn’t it? That’s the magic of beaches. It can make you calm and help you to relax, forgettingContinue reading “Top 6 beach destinations in India…”

First Sunrise & The Pleasing Beach

                          Beaches…….where should I began from !!!! but don’t worry I am not going to explain the importance of beaches, as I have already explained it in my last blog. BEACHES are truly the ever most beautiful paradise on Earth. Recently I visitedContinue reading “First Sunrise & The Pleasing Beach”

An Hour At My Favourite Destination.

Forests, mountains, oceans, beaches some of the most beautiful creations of nature. Which one do you admire most? all these creations are so amazing that it becomes difficult to hate anyone. These are the key factors due to which journeys, road trips take place travelling is based on all of these. Some people love theContinue reading “An Hour At My Favourite Destination.”