Relationship Or Commitment.

Relationship and commitment what are they? , what’s the difference between them?  actually, nowadays it’s hard to explain the difference between them because lots of relationships today are being got converted into commitments slowly. Is it good or bad, what you think? according to me, it’s extremely wrong thing. Relationships there are various kinds of relationship,Continue reading “Relationship Or Commitment.”

Travel With Compass.

 As you all know it’s monsoon, the season which freshens the nature and makes it more beautiful and green. It’s the time when we plan treks monsoon picnics, trips to different hilly ranges. But while planning all these trips do we keep compass with us? I really don’t think so, we would carry food, camera,Continue reading “Travel With Compass.”

Why I Became Writer ?

A writer who is he? a person who expresses his feelings through words. Nowadays becoming a writer is not hard, in fact, today if somebody writes one line or quote and if other’s appreciate it he is called as ‘Writer’. How to become a writer? generally, every writer has a story which he hides keepsContinue reading “Why I Became Writer ?”

A Never Ending Journey.

Journey a period of a time when a person enjoys each and every moment he or she lives. A journey is everything it’s a part of our day to day life. We do journey’s for work, for school, and even sometimes for pleasure too. If travel is a  subject, a journey is its lesson whichContinue reading “A Never Ending Journey.”

Being A Teenager.

The age from thirteen to nineteen year called as ‘Teenage’, an age where we grow mentally as well as physically. The period when our guardians and people around us start to see us from a different perspective. But is being in teenage easy? what you say we can still do all the naughty-mischevious things weContinue reading “Being A Teenager.”

City- Heart Of Travel.

Travel, an inspiration, a way of living for a traveller. Traveller a human being who just breathe for his wanderlust, his home is every corner of the world.  There are no classrooms for the education of travel, travel is a part of life. Travel itself is the biggest teacher in the world, it teaches youContinue reading “City- Heart Of Travel.”

Waiting For Merit List.

The period of waiting is so disastrous, that it can’t be explained. Somewhere waiting is fun but sometimes it makes one boring, lazy, he or she just want to be a couch potato somewhere they become too.  But waiting brings patience in us which helps to remain calm in different situations in life.     Continue reading “Waiting For Merit List.”

Travel-The Best Teacher.

Teacher a human being after our guardians who guide us for different things, competitions which we are going to face in our life, whereas some are facing it now. What’s the main motive of teachers? just mould life of students, prepare them for there tougher situations in life that’s it? I really don’t think soContinue reading “Travel-The Best Teacher.”

Whether To Love Or Not ??

Love, what is love? some say love is a feeling which can’t be expressed but only felt, while for some love is everything [happiness]. And according to rest, love sucks! love is one of the unluckiest feelings in the world for them. You know I often ask people, friends, classmates what is this feeling andContinue reading “Whether To Love Or Not ??”